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Jack Massage Therapist


Jack's journey as a massage therapist began in 2001, when he took a fun massage weekend class.  This ignited his love for the modality and he embarked on his education in massage therapy in 2004.  His training at Health Options Institute in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has afforded him the extensive knowledge he applies to each and every case he sees, none of which ever present with the same set of symptoms.  As such, Jack has the ability to communicate with the body via his hands and he uses this communication in conjunction with his extensive musculo-skeletal knowledge to arrive at a therapy that is truly unique and unsurpassed.  A mixture of neuromuscular techniques, deep tissue massage, and trigger point approaches, Jack stands out in the field as one of a very few number of therapists who can successfully employ this approach.  As a result, clients are left with long lasting relief from their ailments and they find themselves returning to him for regular massage as part of their self care health regimen.

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