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Refer and Receive!

Shine Acupuncture Referral Incentive Program

At Shine, we believe in small business.  As integral cogs in the community machine, small businesses keep local economies healthy and thriving and that means people and families survive.  


We want to show up to support our fellow business owners right here in the Pioneer Valley and building relationships is what we do best.  We attend local events and festivals as well as just keeping it simple and grabbing a cup of coffee with other entrepreneurs in town.  


You are receiving this incentive because we at Shine believe in your business and we also believe our businesses can support each other.  For every TWO booked patients you refer to us within a calendar month, ONE team member from your organization can earn a FREE acupuncture treatment OR massage session.  

This incentive is ongoing and does not expire because we believe in the power of networks as the glue to uniting small businesses in the common cause of serving our local communities.  We value your time and efforts and we know some regular acupuncture and/or massage will only support your ability to run your own business with energy, fortitude, and motivation.  


If you want to get a glimpse of what we can do so you can be confident about where you’re sending your clientele, please contact us for a VIP discount off your first customized treatment.

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